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IBM ranks Indian ahead in self-driving cars

In a recently carried out survey, IBM concluded that Indian consumers are way ahead of their counterparts in matured markets when it comes being tech savvy and show a high level of interest in the intelligent, intuitive, self-driving cars. Titled “Auto 2025“, the survey was conducted across 16 countries and shows that Indian consumers are very interested in all aspects of automated car functioning such as self-driving, self-healing, self-configuring, and self-integrating. Indians selected self-driving capabilities most often with 74% of people preferring it. Even the least-selected -self-integrating -capability is appealing to 69% of consumers, said the survey. “While 10 of 16 countries placed the highest priority on self-healing, surveyed Asian countries ranked self-driving either first or second,“ it added. Finding said that 53% of Indian consumers consider themselves tech-savvy, which is much ahead of the 38% number in growth market and 40% in mature market. “Consumers in India are more keen on trying out new things, with ongoing digitisation, and they are more aggressive than the growth markets,“ said Alexander Scheidt, Vice President and Executive Partner, Global Automotive Industry leader, IBM.He added that the rate of digitisation in India is very high. “The general acceptance of the digital world is very high,“ he added. While 97% want to own or drive a car in the next ten years, Indian respondents, 35 years and older, expect their use of personal cars as their primary mode of transportation to drop by 12% by 2025, but anticipate their use of car and ride-sharing will double. Scheidt added that over 10% of the population in India, which is a huge number, is open to new models and new ways of mobility which should prompt the industry to think about catering to the needs and providing the services.

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