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Britannia refurbishes creamy biscuit portfolio

In order to inject a freshness to its food products in creamy biscuit portfolio, Britannia is planning to invest Rs.100 crore for refurbishing its creams portfolio where it has brands like Treat, Bourbon and Pure Magic, enjoying margins at 10 per cent compared to the average biscuit margins in other categories. Ali Harris Shere, Vice-President, Marketing, Britannia, told BusinessLine that, “We want to increase our share in the creams segment frritanniaom 35 per cent to 50 per cent in the next two years. “The first step is to re-stage brands like Treat with new variants and advertising with a ₹50-crore investment and then the rest of the creams portfolio for brands like Bourbon and Pure Magic, which can go up to ₹100 crore.’’ However, the ₹27,000-crore biscuits category has been facing slow growth in the value segment (comprising the glucose and crackers categories) unlike the premium segment with categories such as cookies, creams and marie. “Margins in the creams category is the highest at 10 per cent, which is almost two times the average in the biscuits category. “Being the market leader in the creams segment, we are revamping our creams portfolio to strengthen our position where we have competition from ITC and Mondelez (Oreo),’’ added Shere. Britannia has a sales turnover of ₹7,500 crore from the biscuits portfolio and is a market leader with a 58 per cent share in the premium segment, which is devoid of categories such as glucose and crackers. While it does have the Tiger brand in the glucose segment, it is hoping customers will upgrade to its premium portfolio with brands like Good Day and Marie Gold. “We are giving our consumers a ladder to shift to premium brands since we have SKUs (stock keeping units) at similar price points across our brands.

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